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Diana Ketcham is married to publisher Andrew Hoyem and lives in San Francisco. She is the daughter of Edward Kilpatrick Ketcham (Mt. Pleasant, Iowa, Seattle Washington) and Mary Judge Ketcham (Missoula Montana, Yakima, Washington), and the cousin of cartoonist Hank Ketcham (Seattle, Carmel), Elizabeth Ketcham Howland (Seattle, Atherton) and Roma Beatrice and Marian Farrell (Seattle), and the great-granddaughter of sculptor Harriet McDivitt Ketcham (Mt. Pleasant, Washington D.C.) Her maternal great-grandmother Margaret Hodson Murray was born in Yorkshire. She is a descendant of Edward Ketcham (Cambridge, England and Huntington, Long Island) and Jane Kenyon Christian (Douglas, Isle of Man and Cockermouth, Cumberland, England). The foregoing is to aid internet genealogy research.